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In addition to being skilled at offering technological know-how, Bizinso excels at setting goals that will help your company flourish in ecommerce too.
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Online Shopping

The e-Commerce portal considers revenue growth and success using technology and talents

Technology’s development contributed to the e-commerce sector’s expansion and boom. E-commerce is fundamentally the digital purchase and sale of goods and services online. Although this sector is still young, it is already tremendously competitive, with new and larger players constantly emerging. Businesses that wish to participate in eCommerce must have a solid grasp of customer behaviour as well as top-notch technology to support their brand.
B2C Website

B2C Website

  • Serves a wide-ranging clientele
  • Display and market a variety of goods and services
  • Integrate online payment
  • Manage orders online
  • Easier digital market for promotional activities
  • Product reviews and recommendations based on algorithm
  • Customer login

B2B Website

  • Smart segmentation
  • Shipping options
  • Repeat orders
  • Bulk orders
  • Login setup
  • Coupon modules
  • White label solutions

Online Marketplace

Online Marketplace

  • Vendor management
  • Check outs well defined
  • Options for commissions
  • APIs for the integration with a seller’s business systems
  • Data Analytics

Online Multi-Store

Online Multi-Store

  • Showcase multiple stores
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Role-based access to the users and admins
  • Business reports for the store or multiples

Why Bizinso?

At Bizinso, we focus on the business of being a social enterprise. This means that we're committed to creating a world in which every person has the opportunity to live their best life.
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