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Project management system is task driven and can be using to dived the activities and monitor them closely. Team leaders can use to assign and ass tasks and members can use it to view report the work progress.
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Project management system


Productivity is the corner stone of any business. Most business run multiple projects at any given time and there are different deliverables expected from teams. To keep up with these projects, to track their progress and stay up to date and afloat in an increasingly dynamic and changing industry technology is necessary. At Bizinso we believe that a good project management system can be the guiding force behind well managed projects.

To track the progress, task distribution, resource plans, budget and much more your organization needs a powerful and comprehensive Project Management module. This will help in timely completion of the task while ensuring high level of efficiency.

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  • Easier for remote working
  • Delegate tasks easily
  • Access project progress reports
  • Identify and remove potential bottleneck
  • Budgeting
  • Improved productivity
  • Better for collaborations
  • Improved planning
  • Improved scheduling

Key functions of Project module

Task Assignment

The teams can be assigned tasks, they can update their progress so the whole team know the status of the project.


A task list is not sufficient to guid the team. A plan, a list or a schedule to guide is important, which project management system facilitates.


You and your team can share data, files and documents quickly and efficiently via the project management software.


The team can communicate with each other quickly and stay informed which is essential for smooth flow of work. Good communication makes problem solving easy.


You and your team can key reports on various projects at once to stay updated.

Why Bizinso?

Bizinso has expertise that spans across various verticals. We use pioneering technology to build software that can run your business for you. Our team of experts use the best of technology to deliver projects that is custom-made, cost effective and scalable. Your growing industry needs a technology that can adapt and grow, Bizinso excels at delivering all of this within deadline
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