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At Bizinso, we craft Tailor-made & Cost-effective business solutions that are seamless, functional & scalable.

Helping Businesses harness the Power of Technology

As we make headway into the 21st century, the furtherance of business has come to rest on four key pillars – enterprise technology, analytics, automation, and digital presence. And these are the exact pillars that Bizinso seeks to help in strengthening by offering custom software. 

A subsidiary of Qtech Software, Bizinso has been instrumental in bringing many business plans into reality.  At Bizinso, our prime focus has always been to empower business with technology. Depending on the requirement, we deliver innovative custom-built products that deliver radical improvements in business functioning.  

We build technology that drives the business for tomorrow. Our solutions help create a multi-channel, multi-platform digital ecosystem for businesses which helps them stay ahead of competition. 

Qtech Software

With over 15 years of experience, Qtech Software has been the force of innovation that has powered the technology of more than 50 global travel management companies. Qtech has been a vendor of choice for technology products and solutions that have been proven to help realize the vision for several businesses in the industry vertical. It has the enviable record of winning the World Travel Award for Leading Travel ERP Technology Provider consecutively for 4 years. 

About Qtech Software
Technology Focused, Innovation

Our Values

Empower through Technology

We believe in our ability to leverage our tech expertise to solve business problems and empower clients. 

Technology Focused, Innovation

Technology is changing the way we experience life. At Bizinso, we want to find solutions to problems that our customers and communities face. We have a passion towards creating solutions that are unique, apt, and innovative.  



Empowering through Technology is our way of improving the life of our customers and communities.

Deliver on Promise

We go over and beyond to deliver on our promise. 

Reliability. Commitment. Trust

The commitments that we make are of prime importance to us. We do everything in our capacity to deliver on all our promises.

We build solutions that are true to their promise. By consistently delivering on our promises, we establish a strong foundation of mutual trust among our clients.

Embrace Openness

We welcome honest interactions, provide equal opportunities, and display complete transparency

Equal Opportunity, Honesty, Transparency

We provide the same quality of service to all irrespective of their cultural and ethnic background. All our relationships are equally important to us and do not differentiate on any grounds. 

Our conversations are always frank, unbiased and truthful. 

Striving for Excellence

We believe in continuously improving ourselves to deliver the best. 

Quality, Improvement, Growth

We are persistent about improving ourselves. We are driven by a singular thought on how we can make something better using technology. And we stop at nothing to ensure our products and services become a benchmark in our domain. 

For us, being the best revolves around maintaining a consistent quality in all our endeavors, making progressive strides and substantial incremental improvements in every service that we offer. 

People First

Every decision at Bizinso is driven by the consideration of what’s best for our clients, employees, and partners. 

Customer Focus, Caring, Empathy

The relationships we share are most important to us. We take decisions that are for the good of our clients and add value to their business. 

Our employees get the freedom to grow within the organization and chart out their desired career paths with due recognition for their contribution. 

Our Culture

We work smart and party hard. 

Bizinso offers a fine balance of work and leisure in our bid to promote a healthy work environment.  

We follow a 5-day week and flexible hours with regular sessions to learn and de-stress.  

A close-knit family of 100+ individuals, we are 15 years young and driven by a passion to digitally empower our customers and communities. 

Our aim is to foster a healthy, creative and progressive environment for employees to grow along with the organization. 

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Technology Focused, Innovation

Our Leadership Team

Bizinso is founded and lead by experienced industry professionals that come from a diverse background and a solid domain expertise. You will always get the best advice and solutions for your business, guided by our expert management.

Future at Bizinso?

Bizinso is ambitious with its aim to provide cutting-edge solutions, excellent services right from consultation to deployment. We specialize in enterprise level customs software development and IT consulting. Our clients range from startups to global companies that trust us with their most critical business needs.

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