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The business today is so competitive that every organization has to keep innovating to stay relevant. With the digitization of business becoming the norm, there is a constant pressure to innovate, think out-of-the-box, and stand out from the competition.

Our Product Development Process

Our product development consists of Five stages
  • 1
    Technical Product Management

  • 2
    Conversion Driven User Interface

  • 3
    Multi Tenancy Architecture

  • 4
    Testing & Quality Analysis

  • 5

Technical Product Management
Step 1

Technical Product Management

Analyse the needs of your target audience and translate your vision into features and design releases based on the priority of the features and return on investment.

Splitting the functionality into subscription plans and packaged/custom features.

Implementing strategies for customization, integration, and API development for your SaaS product to meet the needs of your customers.

Step 2

Conversion Driven UI

Knowing that a good user interface and user experience are critical to attracting and retaining customers, we design our UX/UI based on:
Thorough market research.

Creating user personas and scenarios that help deliver SaaS with excellent usability.
Following the material design trend to wrap robust functionality up in an eye-catching interface.

Step 3

Multi Tenancy Architecture

We design a multi-tenancy architecture to assist SaaS products to withstand peak loads and adapt to future business expansion. Our large pool of developers means we can easily scale to meet your project’s needs.

Step 4

Testing & QA

In order to deliver stable, secure and industry-compliant SaaS, we use regular code reviews, unit tests and testing throughout the SDLC.

Step 5


In Bizinso, we combine a high frequency of releases with high code quality and stability. Our DevOps practices and Agile methodologies ensure seamless deployments and integrations.

Why Bizinso?

We deliver transformative digital offerings that help customers harness the power of innovation by creating new ways of connecting people, data and processes.
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