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Supply Chain Management

Bizinso’s supply chain management software helps users
manage quotations, suppliers, and purchase orders.

Supply Chain Management System


User can create and send a detailed quotation that contains all the important information while sending a sales order. This will carry all details. Rules. Terms, conditions, prices discounts etc relating to the order.


With automated system at work to help with logistics, it’s easier to focus on time management and accuracy in shipping. Software makes it easier to handle daily logistic management that involves paper works, notes, rules and invoices.

Manage Sales and Purchase

Supply chain module makes it easier to keep record of inventory, sales order, purchase orders, customers, suppliers, shipments, deliverables, etc. It handles all your transactions and records everything seamlessly.

Procurement Management

Your software can record your data while you focus on procuring items. It can also automatically apply taxes, manage inventories, supplies and more.

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The supply chain management module comprises of features that include supply chain management functions. Procurement, inventory management, logistics, sales, and purchase are just a few examples.

Users can use Bizinso’s supply chain management software to manage quotations, suppliers, and purchase orders. Whether it’s sales, purchasing, or people management.

Supply chain management software can automate all of these functions. Automation of tasks to ensure smooth functioning of the process to avoid delays or hindrances. It saves time, manpower and efforts.

Inventory Management

Supply chain module makes it possible to track inventories through serial numbers, item variants, utilize various units of measurement, manage returns and pricing etc.

Warehouse Management

Get features that make warehouse management easy with options for like stock management and quality check. With the right technology warehouses account can be linked to eCommerce portals for better tracking and faster updates.


Track order execution, reduce errors with procurement of inventories, track stock and supply via software for easy business distribution. Various aspects and features of this module can tackle all components of distribution.

Supplier Portal

Supplier portals help suppliers be self-sufficient. They can request quotation, automatic supplier quotation or access purchase order, receipts etc. They raise and verify purchase invoices for fulfilled order etc.

Auto-Apply Taxes and Charges

Automate the taxation process. The set tax rates can be edited.

Stock Balance

Get real time updates and information on the stock items in any warehouse at any time. Make data driven decisions by completing orders based on stock data. All of this is accessible at finger tips with supply chain module.

Item Variants

Generate multiple item variants based different parameters. This help in segregation of items, there are no restrictions in regards to shape, colour, name etc.

Barcode Scanning

Possibility of barcode scanning makes digitization much simpler. Item transaction can be recorded swiftly without hassle. All you need is a smartphone to work.

Supply Chain

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